Reinstall CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu automatically by one shell

  • Important:
    • Default root password:Vicer, Please change the password immediately!
    • It can reinstall Debian/Ubuntu/CentOS automatically with network.
    • When automatically reinstalling CentOS, it will provide VNC functionality by default.
    • You can use the VNC Viewer to check the progress status.
    • The VNC default port is 5901 or 1, You could try it by yourself.
    • !!!OpenVZis not supported !!!

  • Dependent Package:
  • Install Dependent Package:
  • Get error? Try it!

  • How to use?

  • Example:

  • Some Tips:
    • 在dd安装系统镜像时:
    • 在你的机器上全新安装,如果你有VNC,可以看到全部过程.
      分区界面标题一般显示为: “Starting up the partitioner
      使用谷歌网盘中储存的镜像: [无限制大小] 获取谷歌网盘文件临时直接下载链接

    • 在全自动安装CentOS时:
    • 如果看到 “Starting graphical installation” 或者类似表达,则表示正在安装.
      如果需要查看进度,使用VNC Viewer(或者其他VNC连接工具)

  • Preview:

  • Disclaimer

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    2. Any direct loss or indirect loss resulting from the use of this script will not be liable to MoeClub.

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